Why “I need a VA” is Not the Correct Way to do a VA Call Out

outsourcing virtual assistant Nov 01, 2018

If you’re looking to post a VA (Virtual Assistant) job, you have the option to copy-paste a previous, similar post, post ‘I need a VA,’ write a well-detailed call out or delegate the task to a third-party to do the legwork. The truth is, all these can land you to the top talent out there, but you’re bound to find loopholes with the first two methods or encounter significant challenges after hiring what seemed to be the best candidate.

In particular, ‘I need a VA’ call out will easily lead you to an unsuitable candidate, something you don’t wish to experience and cause hiring to overwhelm.

Here are the reasons why it’s not the right way to do a call out;

It lacks specificity

Virtual assistants do different things ranging from basic administrative work to technical work such as website development. This explains the need to go beyond writing ‘I need a VA’ to list the skills you need in your preferred candidate as well as the tasks to be performed. You’ll reduce the chances of getting unqualified candidates who just paste their resumes instantaneously. It makes your hiring process smooth and saves your valuable time.

You get overwhelming applications

You want a VA to simplify the workload you have. By posting ‘I need a VA,’ you’ll not only receive qualified and unqualified applications, but you’ll also receive inquiries on the specific tasks the VA should handle and other related questions. The most obvious thing is you won’t have time to reply to the queries.

Make it easier for you and cover the job description comprehensively as explained in Correct VA/OBM Call Out Post.


Ineffective in showing your suitability as an employer

For the experienced candidates, ‘I need a VA’ call out is likely to bring you out as an unsuitable employer. Why? I’ll explain. You might be construed to be in the motive of burdening your VA with tasks beyond their scope of work. You’re not sure of what you’re looking for and this might lead to miscommunications once you hire the right candidate. You also come out as an employer who doesn’t pay attention to details.

While it’s not recommended to come out as being too aggressive, it’s crucial to appear organized to attract suitable candidates.

Budget issues

Failing to indicate your rate might land you in an awkward conversation where the VA’s rate is three times what you had budgeted. You end up spending more time determining which VA/OBM can fit within your budget.

Be clear on what you’re willing/able to remunerate the preferred candidate right from the beginning.

Doesn’t give information about you

A call out is a two-way traffic where you seek to understand your candidate and also give information about yourself.  It lets the aspiring candidates know why you need a VA and a bit about you to get the perfect match.

Not everyone can fit within your working culture hence it’s important to list a little bit about yourself, your company’s/business and what you stand for.

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