What to Do When your Facebook Profile Has Been Hacked

social media Jan 29, 2019

You will be wrong to think that only celebrities Facebook accounts get targeted by hackers. Every waking day, accounts are being compromised by hackers who might be after your personal information such as saved bank details.

If you find signs of hacking on your account, here’s what you can do to secure it back;

Change your password

Immediately you realize your account is hacked, the first step will be to change your password. This step will be successful if the hacker has not changed the password yet. You can do this under the security and loggings menu of your account. Once you do that, consider logging out of all other devices in other locations. As a pro tip, set your password to contain symbols, letters and some numbers.


Implement 2-factor authentication

As a preventive measure of a similar hacking experience, enable multiple authentications to improve the security of your account. Two-factor authentication gives you the option of receiving a text message through an authentication app or SMS every time your account is accessed from an unrecognized device.


Remove spam posts

A hacked account might have several spam posts that you didn’t post yourself. Consider removing them and let your friends know that your account was compromised. You can do this by viewing activities from the ‘activity logs’ menu on your profile and review all that happened in your account during the period that your account was hacked.  This will help secure your friends’ accounts as well since some of the posts might contain links that if clicked will be used to hack other accounts.


Log out facebook at all locations

Having secured your account, go to Settings and select ‘Security and Login.’ View devices where you’re account is logged in and log out of any place you don’t recognize. Besides, consider updating any information on your account that might have been changed.

Why it is important to protect your Facebook profile?  The reputation you’ve built for years can be damaged in seconds and take forever to rebuild. Some people will understand it was a hacker’s attempt but others may not forgive such a mistake. Additionally, you can lose your admin rights and the worst can happen where you’re not able to recover the account, including the groups you administer! It’s, therefore, crucial to be on top of matters security of your accounts.