Must Have Chrome Extensions

business tools social media virtual assistant Jan 14, 2019

For you to be efficient, and fast while using Google Chrome, you’ll need a few extensions to your browser. Ideally, extensions are zipped files comprised of one or many HTML files, a manifest file and an optional Javascript files.  In this post, we look at various extensions that can be of help to different online entrepreneurs. Which one would suit you? Let’s jump right in;

Small business owners

Facebook Screenshare

As a business owner, you will want to keep your Facebook page flowing with information related to your niche. Facebook Screenshare lets you share posts on websites and post them on your timeline, in a group or a friend’s timeline. The exciting part is that it’s available in more than 50 languages when you get to share quoted texts.


Let’s face it, your time as an entrepreneur is valuable. You want to spend valuable time browsing without distractions of unwanted ads coming your way. Adblock lets you focus solely on the intended content. What’s more? You can allow unobtrusive ads by whitelisting them in just two clicks.


Page Analytics

Want to understand your customers better? With Page Analytic, you get to see how your customers ‘behave’ while on your site. This means you can see what is most clicked, which pages are never visited hence you can use this data to improve your website. The analytics are in real-time which makes the extension a powerful marketing tool for any blogger.

What Runs

As a blogger, you want to embrace the best technologies that run a website to improve the user experience. WhatRuns allows you identify technology behind any site with ease and better accuracy. When we talk of technology in this case, we mean plugins, themes and fonts. I guess that part on plugins is the best news about this extensions. Additionally, you can choose to follow a website to get notified of when it starts or stops using a technology.

Tag Assistant (By Google)

With Tag Assistant, you can check for Google Pixels and get real-time feedback on a webpage. The extension navigates any page to help ensure Google tags are correctly installed by reporting errors and suggesting improvements to help rectify them. For example, a red notice would signify significant errors with a script.

Graphic Designer


Inspect web fonts and the services that create them across websites sweat-free using WhatFont. The extension helps you copy and apply some of the best fonts in your designing work.

Social media manager


Enhance the social media content you create by ensuring it’s free from grammatical and spelling errors. Anything you write online is vetted where you also receive weekly insights upon signing up for your email. You can either choose a free or paid option with more advanced options.

Pinterest Pinlet

This extension helps you save ideas you come across on the web and also retrieve them quickly. An exciting bit about this extension is that you can also find similar images with ease by clicking on the visual search tool.

Virtual Assistant

Evernote Clipper

Being organized is critical for any virtual assistant. You don’t want to miss even the slightest details. Evernote Clipper allows you to clip and save your desired web pages for easy finding and research at a later day. What’s more? You can customize the clips to suit your needs, for example; you can highlight some parts of your clips by drawing to direct particular attention.


What if you ditched the many bookmarks and used an organized, visual, one-click access to your browser tabs? It would not only reduce the time you use checking your tabs, but it would also make you ten times more efficient virtual assistant. Toby helps you do precisely that where you stay organized through one-click drag and drop browser taps.