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marketing Nov 10, 2015


Everyone loved freebies!

I am sure I am not the only person who has a million branded pens, drink bottles, and notebooks. However, do these really make people remember your brand/blog or business?

When looking for branded gifts that you want to invest in you need to think outside of the box and look for something that is not only different but something that the user will need to use frequently and will not just give away or throw out.

I have tried a lot of promotional products in the past:-

  • Branded Pens – they were easy to hand out but found I ended up using them more in my business then actually using as promotional material (mainly due to the fact you have to order so many at a time to get them at an affordable price)
  • Branded Bar Mats which were placed at local pubs and bars – this was one of my more successful promotional products I invested in, however with this you can expect after hours calls and messages in relation to your advertisement.
  • Branded Stubby Holders (drink coolers) – This was another successful promotional product, depending on your target market this can be a product that they use regularly and keeps your business in the front of their mind and when their friends.
  • Branded USBs – These were popular but saw no ROI in the sense of new clients from giving these out at expos, however I do now include these in my new member packages for new members in one of my other businesses.
  • Business Cards – I still use business cards because they are a good reference point when networking and meeting people, just make sure they stand out from everyone else’s.

Other promotional products I have seen other brands use:-

  • Branded Food – everyone loves food, but the issue with branded food is once it is eaten there is nothing left of your promotional product.
    • Lollies
    • Cookies
    • Cupcakes
  • Branded Drinkbottles, Mugs, Cups
  • Branded Stationary
    • Pens
    • Pencils
    • Erasers
    • Notebooks
    • Notepads
    • Stickynotes
    • Staplers and tape dispensers
  • Branded Bags
  • Branded Clothing
    • T-Shirts
    • Hats
  • Branded Soap
  • Branded Matches and Lighters

You can basically brand any product to be used for promotion for your business / blog.

Promotional Gifts, that won't get thrown away

Below are my Top 5 pick of promotional products that can not only be great as giveaways but also used by yourself, your team, family and supporters to get your business/blog name out there.

What makes these products different to the common pen, notebook, drink bottle…….. They are everyday usable products that not only people need, they will not very often come across them as a promotional product so not only great promotional products but also conversation starters.

Branded Phone Covers

Custom Iphone Covers Custom Phone Covers are great for using yourself, for your business phones (eg: if you supply your team with mobile phones), and getting your family and supporters on board with promoting your business / blog.

Most people carry their phone around in their hands, or at the very least when talking on it people can see your brand on the back of your phone.

Nosy nature of people, people will check out what they saw if it interested them.


  • Put on phone and leave
  • Great for branding business team phones
  • Come in a range of styles, colours and for different makes and models of phones.


  • To get best value for money everyone needs to have the exact same phone and series.

Branded Tablet Covers

ipad_air_skinTablet covers are a great promotional aid. It can be a great conversation starter and allows people to associate the person behind blog / business, where they might have been too scared to approach you being unsure.

Your tablet is prime real estate for promoting your business or blog. Whether it is reading on the train using your iPad, catching up on social media updates or using for note-taking at conferences.


  • Come in a range of styles, colours – to fit in with your brand and personal preferences.
  • Great for branding business devices that your team use.


  • Minimum order is 10, which makes it hard if you do not have 10 of the same devices, but they are also great for giveaways.

Branded Power Banks

Power BankEveryone needs a power bank!! We are spending more time on our electronic devices and occasionally not near a power point to keep our devices on charge.

Power banks are becoming an essential addition to every business owners daily tools as well as travellers and adventure seekers.

We are using or devices more every day for calls, as a camera, video camera, map, research and for entertainment.


  • Everyone needs one! – will be popular as a giveaway and something everyone can use daily.
  • Great present for clients and members.
  • Come in a range of styles and colours.


  • Higher investment point (not really a con because I think they are definitely worth it.)
  • Come in different sizes – make sure that you check power bank sizing (how much charge they hold).

Branded Speakers

speakerPortable speakers are the craze for the teen to young adult target market. They are great at social gatherings, parties, and just listening to your music from your Bluetooth devices.

These are a very popular giveaway and something people keep.


  • Come in a range of colours and styles
  • Great for giveaways


  • Minimum order 50
  • Will depend on your target audience if speakers will be a good fit with your audience.

Branded Earphones

earbudsEveryone needs earphones, and if you are anything like me you possibly go through a couple of pairs a year.


  • A range of styles (including with built in mics) and colours
  • Great present for your clients if you deliver your content by audio, video or webinar format so they can attend and view content no matter where they are.
  • Minimum order 10 (very achievable for most businesses and bloggers)


  • Not everyone likes Earphones

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